Welcome to The In Place

I’m Matt Reid, ACC, AACC and I started The In Place to help people live amazing lives and have the homes they’ve always wanted.  I strive to be flexible and offer a variety of options to help my clients.  I am available in person to those in the Greater Boston Area.  I also work with clients over the phone and via Skype.  I offer flexible scheduling options in order to best serve my clients and I accept most major credit cards. 

ADHD Coaching
As a person with ADHD I know how it can effect every aspect of life.  I was diagnosed at age 10, so no matter where you are in your life, I’ve been there.  I survived elementary school, junior high, high school, culinary school, and my first career as a chef.  I’ve moved from 10-year-old, to teenager, to adult, and on to be a husband, father, and business owner.  In addition to my personal experience, I do everything I can to stay up on the current science of ADHD so I can help my clients best understand how their ADHD effects them.  I work with teens, adults, parents of younger children, and whole families. 

Life Coaching
Let’s be honest.  When most of us think about a Life Coach, we think Tony Robbins seminars… or worse, Stuart Smalley’s daily affirmations.  We think walking on hot coals and trust falls.  Well, I can’t speak to anyone else, but that’s not who I am or what I do.  The simplest way to explain what I do as a Life Coach is to say that I help people live amazing lives.  Our modern lives are tremendously complicated and demanding.  It isn’t always easy to find the happiness that we all want and deserve.  I partner with my clients to help them figure out what will really make them happy and then support them in making it happen.

The In Place began as a professional organizing business and has grown from there.  I came into this world about as disorganized as a person can be.  But over the years I have taught myself to be organized and efficient, often in non-traditional ways and almost always by trial and (lots of) error.  I take great pride in being able to help others create a home environment that is relaxing, peaceful, efficient, and easy to maintain.  In home office or corporate environments I work with my clients to create streamlined, efficient workspaces that are built for productivity.

Cooking Lessons
As a Professional Organizer I’ve come to realize how many people don’t really know how to cook and may even be afraid of their kitchens.  The reality is that we all have to eat.  Learning the basics saves us time, energy, money, and stress.  I don’t teach recipes.  I teach techniques which are broadly applicable.  My goal is to be able to teach you how to get a healthy, balanced meal on the table on a weeknight in about a half an hour without stressing about it.  The cooking instruction includes information on how to buy/what to buy at the store, how to organize your kitchen, what equipment you really need, and how to plan your weekly meals and daily schedule. 
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