FAQs and Coaching Logistics

What are the logistics of coaching with you?

I typically meet with clients once per week for three weeks out of the month. And we will have one “off” week per month. Once we decide to work together, we would have “our day and time.” Every “on” week we would meet via your chosen method at that time for a 50 minute session. All further details will be provided in a welcome packet at the beginning of our coaching relationship. I do offer less frequent options for clients further along in the coaching process.

Can I see you on an off week?

As long as I’m not using that particular off week as a vacation week, it is more than likely that we can schedule an additional session at an additional fee. I also use off weeks to reschedule clients with legitimate reasons to have had to move their sessions. However, in both instances, I can’t guarantee your regular day and time, though I will do my best to make it reasonably evenly spaced with your other sessions.

What are your hours?

I see clients from 9-5 Mondays through Thursday and am usually in the office for emergencies and necessary reschedulings Friday mornings and early afternoons. I can occasionally make exceptions for earlier sessions, but I do not see clients in the evening or on weekends.

If I’m interested in working with you what’s next?

I offer anyone who’s serious about working with me a complementary phone consultation. They generally take about 40 minutes. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know a little about why you are looking for a coach and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with days and times when I am free to connect. [See below for how to connect with me.]

What’s the best way to contact you?

Email is always the best way to contact me. I’m with clients so much of the day that connecting with me on the phone is really difficult. But you can always call my office number and leave a message, if you are more comfortable with that. It just may take longer to connect.

Where are you located?

I work out of my home office in Milton, Massachusetts. But I work with clients all over the United States via video. And I have had one client as far away as China… though it was really tough to get a video connection.

What is your COVID policy?

I am currently available to see clients in person who are fully vaccinated, boosted, have had no recent exposures, and are symptom free.

What is coaching with me like?

Coaching with me is a personalized experience. I don’t have a “system” or a “method” that I push people through. I insist the first session we focus on ADHD education. (My agenda.) Because that is so important in understanding who we are and how we are wired. But after that, it is your agenda, your goals, your life. I try to ask the right questions and keep the big picture in mind. I hope to keep us focused on what you tell me your goals are and provide however much structure you need. I often wear my teaching hat about ADHD and share stories from my life and anonymized stories from other clients’ lives. But it is always about you as the client and what you want out of the coaching experience. If you are interested in working with me, we can discuss what I do in greater detail in a complimentary phone consultation.

What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

There is some overlap. How much really depends on the type of therapy and the style of the therapist. And the same could be said for the style of the coach. In my opinion coaching is more behavior-based and therapy is more understanding based. I’m certainly not qualified to delve into trauma or grief the way a therapist is. They both have an important role to play and I have benefited greatly from both in my life. Many clients say that they make more tangible progress with me than they have with past therapists, but many of my clients value our different roles and often work with me and a therapist concurrently. And I will always let you know if I think your needs are beyond my areas of expertise.

How much structure do you provide as a coach?

It is my job to provide as much structure as each individual client needs. I tend to start from a relatively free-form place as I get to know a new client and add structure as needed. I find that most clients like to verbally process their thoughts in session. However, some like to come in with notes and an agenda. Others like to use the first few minutes of the session to set an agenda. I am fine with whatever the client wants and whatever part they want me to play in that evolution.

What are your views on accountability?

Accountability is a tricky thing. ADHDers respond to external accountability but generally chafe under it and grow to hate it. I don’t want to be anyone’s mom or wife. And I’m already somebody’s husband and two somebodies dad. My philosophy is that my job as your coach is to provide passive accountability by simply meeting with you weekly. This provides a soft deadline at a recurring interval. But ultimately, my goal is to teach my clients to be accountable to themselves. I do not do daily check-ins. I don’t follow up via email or text to see if my clients are doing what they said they would do. I may suggest that they email me at a certain progress point. It might take longer to reach one’s goals in this manner. But when those goals are reached, they will be far more lasting and sustainable. My goal is always to teach my clients to eventually not need me. Also, if I become a person who hounds you to do things, that will damage the coaching relationship and eventually you won’t want to come to our sessions anymore. And that will guarantee that you don’t reach your stated goals in our coaching, as coaching is built on a solid coach/client relationship. Especially if the work of change becomes difficult or anxiety-producing, I need my clients to still want to engage. That only happens if the coaching relationship is strong.

What is your policy on homework?

Some coaches like to assign homework. I hate homework. For a long time, as a kid, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my only answer was, “someone who doesn’t have homework.” More often than not, your homework will be to do your best to implement the strategies we discussed in our last session. That will result in success, a learning experience, or something in between with which to move forward. At most, I’ll ask you to briefly journal about your week(s) on specific topics so we have the data we need to assess progress.

What is your policy on interaction between sessions?

I recognize that life doesn’t always happen on Tuesday at 10 am, or whenever our session is scheduled. I pride myself on being available to my clients if they get truly stuck or have an emergency in between scheduled sessions, within reason. As long as I can fit it in around my other client and family commitments, I’m happy to connect for a mini-session or quick problem-solving call, especially if that means you can use the time in between sessions to maximum effectiveness.

How long do clients stay with you?

Everyone asks this question. And it is impossible to answer without sounding a little evasive because it varies so widely. I tell people to be prepared for a three to four month commitment, minimum. Change is hard and it can take some time. It is impossible to know how fast a person is ready to move toward their goals no matter how much they say they want them. We can only go as fast as you are ready to go. Having said that, the number one predictor of success is people who are truly at the point in their lives when they are ready and willing to make change, even when it is hard. Some people stay with me for three months, get a very specific thing from coaching and move on. Sometimes I meet with folks for years. Of course that doesn’t mean that I necessarily see them three times a month for years. I have flexible plans for clients who are doing well and are ready to meet just twice or once a month. Those plans are cheaper and allow us to keep doing the work at just the right frequency.

What do you charge?

I prefer not to post my rates on my website. I feel that my fees are best discussed in the context of the complementary phone consultation. That way I can share with you the full range of what you will be receiving in exchange for my fees. I do make a conscious effort to keep my rates in the mid-range of ADHD coaches. Even though I prefer to talk about my fees in the context of what I do, I understand that cost is often the determining factor. And, I don’t want to waste your time doing a consultation for a service that isn’t right for you at this time. So, I’m happy to send you my current rates via email if you are interested in knowing before we talk about a consultation.

Is coaching covered by medical insurance?

Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by medical insurance. Coaches are not medical providers. However, it is possible that with some reimbursement plans, flex spending accounts, and health credit accounts you can pay for coaching or get reimbursed as ADHD is a medical diagnosis and I am a certified ADHD coach. But you will have to verify that with your provider.

How long have you been doing this and how many people have you worked with?

I started my business in September of 2010 as professional organizer while I went back to coaching school. I graduated from coaching school in January of 2012. So, I’ve been coaching for almost a decade and I stopped counting clients several years ago when I passed 300.

Do you offer references?

ADHD coaching is a very personal relationship. I do not keep an active list of references. After the consultation, people almost always feel as though they know me well enough to move forward without reservations and do not need a reference. In 10 years I’ve been asked for one fewer than five times. I certainly respect it if you would like one. In that case I usually reach out to a current client or a past long-time client who I feel may have a similar profile/needs to you. I then reach out to them and ask if they would be willing to act as a reference. They always say yes, but it can take a little while. I will then send you their information and you can be in touch with them as needed. I would ask that you only take advantage of this possibility if you are vetting me as your final choice and not if you are shopping around for a coach.