ADHD Coaching and Executive Functioning

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ADHD Coaching

All the latest research indicates that the best outcomes for ADHD children and adults result from a combination of medical treatment in concert with some form of behavioral treatment.  You can read my blog to learn about the proven efficacy of medication therapy.  But, whether medication is in the picture or not, for those of us with ADHD, coaching is almost essential. 

I say “almost” for a reason.  I didn’t have a coach until I began studying to become a coach.   I managed to make it that far in life without one.  But, my coach has helped me immensely in this next phase of my life.  And, as I look back, I am 100% sure I could have gotten where I am faster, easier, and with a lot less pain and suffering by having someone to work with who truly understood me and who was able to teach me the skills that I needed.

I work with adults of any age, high school and college students, parents of younger children.  I have recently had great success with working with students in the 11 – 13 years old range, usually in the context of working with the whole family.  I see clients in my home office just outside Boston, MA, but work mostly on Skype and over the phone with clients all over the country.  A phone consultation is always complementary.