Great Wondery Podcasts

Hey y’all. Here’s a quick, light post for summer. I like to regularly post some of my favorite podcasts. You can find those in the “library.” Here are some more. There are a few podcast “networks” that I tend to like. Wondery is probably my favorite. I know I’ve mentioned some of their ongoing shows in the past, like Business Wars and American Innovations. I’ve also recommended some of their limited run true crime shows like, Hollywood & Crime, Young Charlie, Dirty John, The Wonderland Murders, and Accused. Here are a few more that I’ve recently blown through. 

Dr. Death. About a neurosurgeon in TX who seems to have missed part about “first do no harm.” Fascinating study of a system that might be broken. I listened to most of these 7 or so episodes in one day of yard work and garage cleaning. Ironic that a story about insanity helped keep me same doing that boring “life stuff.” 

I’m currently rocking “The Shrink Next Door.” Also fascinating so far. I’m only two episodes in, but it got me through my food prep for the week and cleaning the kitchen. 

Up next I”m going to check out, Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.

Happy listening… and whatever you can get done while listening!

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