Month January 2017

Donation pick up & drop off

Two of my favorite resources to donate clothes, housewares, etc. are THEY COME TO YOUR HOUSE. IT’S AMAZING! The Vietnam Veterans of America: The Epilepsy Foundation of New England: These are my two favorites because they are very…

My outside the box SAT prep strategy

I deal with lots of kids who are super stressed about the SATs and the ramifications. A lot of them take classes, endless practice test, read books, make flash cards, and generally drive themselves crazy. I’m not saying that some…

Race to nowhere’s local progress

I’ve seen it in Lexington, Mass., where parents and educators came together this year to read our book, Beyond Measure, and screen the companion film. Inspired, they’re taking town-wide action. One elementary school ended traditional homework and replaced it with nightly reading…

Article on Hypervigilant parenting

I think this article is a bit all over the place and I’m not totally on board with all the possible solutions or explanations, but it raises some very interesting points. Worth considering

Gap year fairs

Apparently it is the time of year to start thinking about a gap year for your outgoing seniors.  Info on our local Boston fair:  And more on some of the programs available through at least one local company: