Let your ADHD fly free… when it is appropriate!

I work very hard to keep the distraction monster at bay most of the time.  But, once in a while I let him in to play.  I have had a very very busy three weeks with my business.  I have plenty of work to do today, but none is urgent, and I have no clients.  So when I woke up I spent a few lazy minutes with my son before mom took him to school.  Then I watched a few minutes of Sweden v. Switzerland.  (Olympic hockey.)  Then I chose not to shave and that time… and then some in the warm shower to think about how I should prepare for the zombie apocalypse.  (I know.  I watch and read too much SciFi.)  

The point is that this morning was a rare low stress, low pressure, no deadline time.  I managed to find a middle-ground between staying in my PJs and watching hockey all day and diving right in to the office, which would probably lead to me staring at the computer unproductively for quite a while or burning out and being done for the day at noon.  

I guess, what I hope you take away from this is that there is voice in your head that will tell you to stay on the couch all day.  There may also be a voice that says, “GO, GO, GO!”  Seems pretty black and white, right?  It doesn’t have to be either extreme.  If the real you is telling yourself that you need a little break, take it.  Come back refreshed and ready to kick ass!

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