I alway considered my self lucky that I’m only dealing with ADHD.  There is no prescription for ignorance.  I get a weekly special ed newsletter from http://specialedpost.org/  It is impressively presented.  But about 40% of the articles/links are totally bogus and downright damaging to those of us with ADHD. Last week there was a link to a Jacksonville local new report about parents treating their eight year old’s ADHD with coffee.  Do I even need to say what’s wrong with that?

This really just underscores the importance of knowing where you information comes from.  I don’t think that there could possibly be a topic in the American popular consciousness right now that is more often or more thoroughly misrepresented than is ADHD.  You can’t believe how careful you have to be.  Places you would go for reliable information on any other topic may be suspect when it come to ADHD.  We all know we can’t trust the New York Times anymore.  Their bias is appalling.  
That brings me to todays special ed post.  There is a link to an OPINION piece by an actual doctor who is clearly against the diagnosis and treatment of young mothers.  In Dr. Gold’s own words:
I have concerns about this trend of diagnosing and treating ADHD, particularly in this population of young mothers. If we label this behavior as a disorder and prescribe a pill, we are not placing responsibility (blame) squarely on the mother? 

It was always my understanding of the hippocratic oath the the first rule was do no harm.  Is the second rule to judge and blame the patient? Why does so much of our society (including many in the medical field,) insist on punishing instead of treating?  Disturbing!

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