You will have regrets, I promise!

So, I always tell my clients that they will, inevitably, regret getting rid of between 1 and 5 items after their organizational purge. My last two postings about getting rid of my T-Shirts and organizing dry storage reminded me that I have been meaning to post on this.

When I was organizing “Dry Storage” I wished I still had extra fish boxes that I recently got rid of. Fish boxes are the plastic containers that are labeled with masking tape in the picture. I was annoyed that I got rid of them after years of keeping them in the basement just recently. 

But, we have to weight the possibility that we won’t have something that we might need against the net positives that are brought to our life by getting rid of what we don’t need. That’s just part of life. We can not be infinitely prepared for all possibilities. To try to be is a fools errand. Live your life being prepared for now and having what you need for now, and you will always have the opportunity to adapt in the moment. If you life your life for the “what if’s” you miss the moment you are in and rob yourself of the life you could be living now.

By the way… by the time I got rid of the stuff I didn’t need, I actually had an extra fish box that I could use to fill another need somewhere else in the house. Witness the power of the purge!

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