Teaching sequencing

Many ADHD children struggle with getting up to speed in terms of executing regular every day correctly. I find this particularly applies to handling the morning and evening routines. I don’t know if my five year old has ADHD or not, but I often realize that I am teaching him things in a way that would work for me. (I think there is an older post about how I give our weekend structure by letting him know what’s coming next.) Another way that I realize I have taught him something by giving it structure is getting dressed independently in the morning.

As soon as he was old enough to get dressed on his own (with supervision,) I started laying his clothes out the way you see in the picture. That taught him the right order of putting stuff on. Now (on his cooperative days) he can go in to his room pick out his outfit and get dressed completely on his own. Of course this isn’t every day and sometime it seems to take him 3 hours to do it. But we haven’t had any days where he comes down with his undies on the outside on not wearing any at all. I’d say that’s pretty good!

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