Mind Mapping, Part III: Separating the organizational work from the actual writing

So, why does Mind Mapping help with the writing process? In light of the idea that we are asking our brains to do too much at once when we are writing and organizing our thoughts at the same time, it makes sense to separate those processes and focus on one at a time. If we front load the process with all/most of the planning, when we get to the writing it is much easier, faster, and the end product is far better… with far less editing.

I’d like to put in an important note about why ADHDers tend not to engage in this planning process of their own volition or even acknowledge that they should. Well, the planning, focus, executive function part is the hardest for us. Yes, the writing precess without planning can be torture. But, at least we get to try to express ourselves, argue a point, and play with language. (Things that many of us enjoy at least a little.) We tend not to want to do all the boring and difficult planning stuff first. Plus, anxiety often plays a role and it feels urgent to just start writing… even if there isn’t much direction there, it can emotionally feel like more is being accomplished because there are words on the page. 

I liken it to being  lost in the woods. You can just start walking. It may give you a sense of progress and self determination. You are, in fact, going somewhere! But, what if you aren’t going in the right direction? What if you’re just going in circles? What if you are walking away from the search part? You are much better off taking the time to formulate a plan, even if it means leaving later, but making sure you are going in the right direction.

Read my next post to see how and why I put all this together…

My Blog Disclaimer: As a way to encourage myself to actually post entries, I have made a conscious decision not to go back and edit much, if at all. I do not apologize for any typos, grammatical errors, or things that could be better! Done & posted is always better than not done perfectly.

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