Thirty-Wonderful flavors of ADHD

Sometimes it is difficult to identify ADHD even for people who have it or have some experience with it because it doesn’t always look the same and act the same. It has been my experience that on any give subject related to ADHD a large percentage of ADHDers, say 80% will react in one way. But, the other 20% will react differently… in a way that is completely opposite.

For example, how does the “average” ADHD kid react to a long car ride? I can tell you that being in the back seat of my parents Volvo 25 years ago with “nothing” to do that was stimulating for the two hour drive from Boston to Hartford was my idea of hell. If not for ska/punk and pod casts it still would be my idea of hell. I think most ADHDers respond in a similar way. Of course we have many more ways to amuse ourselves in the car than we did a quarter century ago. And, the average neurotypical kid expects to be entertained full time also. But, I digress.

So, let’s say 70% (random guess) of ADHD kids find long car rides to be torture. What about the other 30%? Usually, they are perfectly content to stare out their window, twirl their hair, and enjoy their rich “inner life.” Or they are the lucky few who love to read or draw and can stimulate themselves that way.

So, the mother with the rich inner life of who is inattentive, may not connect with her daughter’s struggle in this situation if the daughter is more physically hyperactive and my have “more” ADHD. Some of us are Tasmanian Devils. Others are space cadets. Doesn’t mean they aren’t both ADHD.

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