Making a 12 year old girl cry

I had a good day on today. One meeting 8 client hours, a quick break for a workout. A long day, but a good day. My last client that day is my youngest current client by a few years. She is a great kid. But, in my opinion, she’s somewhat in denial about her ADHD and how much of an issue. This has historically led to less than stellar medication adherence. We’ve been slowly but surely making progress in that area. But, there was still a wall there. It took me really challenging her about her less than successful behavior patterns for her to break down and really admit how hard it was for her to pay attention, even on the meds. y hope is that that emotion was a watershed. Now we’re talking about the real issue. Because there has been real pain under there all along that she’s been avoiding. Now that it’s out in the open, we can address it. And, I’m so proud of this girl for letting me challenge her, for opening up, for allowing difficult emotions to come out, and for her honesty. I pushed. But she responded. I’m glad I pushed the right way at the right time. And, again, I’m so proud of how she responded. I so optimistic for her going forward with the courage she’s demonstrating.

Standard disclaimer: I don’t edit much if at all. This is a deal I have made with myself. It keeps me from being frozen in the metaphorical carbonite of perfectionism or falling into the “Sarlacc” of avoidance behavior. A new post done is always better than a perfect post undone.

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