$5.61 to save my sanity

I won’t go into the thing that happened today that shook me a bit. But I was left a bit off kilter in the middle of my day. I knew that I wasn’t going to get anything done if I stayed in my office with that unsettled feeling. So, I went to get an Italian sub at Tino’s. While I was there I stopped in at Esprit de Vin and had a lovely chat with the proprietor and picked up a bottle of a cool orange liqueur that he gets from a special producer in Sicily. (And, no, I didn’t sample the bottle at noon.) But simply going out and being with people and having a friendly interaction and getting a cheap lunch reset me. Sounds worth it to me. When I got home, I was relatively productive then had the discipline to get in a quick workout before I had to take my son to his Dr.s appointment. And, I’m relaxed and productive right now in the waiting room. I’d say my Reset Button worked. Makes me wonder why I don’t grab a $5 sandwich more often… Looks like I should start taking my own advice.

Standard disclaimer: I don’t edit much if at all. This is a deal I have made with myself. It keeps me from being frozen in the metaphorical carbonite of perfectionism or falling into the “Sarlacc” of avoidance behavior. A new post done is always better than a perfect post undone.

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