Kitchen Organization #4: So you’ve used up all your walls…

…Then don’t forget about the ceiling! Hanging pot racks are super cool! They get a whole bunch of bulky items, some of which you use regularly, some very infrequently, completely out of your way. And, this is a category of items that do not stack or nest well in your cabinets, they take up a lot of space, and, let’s face it, I like bending over less and less every year. You have to make sure you have enough clearance. Don’t put them over high traffic areas. Make sure everyone who uses the pans can reach them and that the tallest person in your house won’t bang his/her head on them. Other than that, they’re super easy to install. As long as you have a drill and can figure out where the joists or strapping is, you’re good to go. 

You may also notice that our go to cleaner is hanging right there so we don’t have to bend over and rummage under the sink every night to clean the stove and table.

As always, the things you use most should be most accessible. The three pans that are missing are closest to the stove because we use them almost every day.

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