Workout Tip # 5b: Where to Workout

Know Thy Self! Where to work out?

I think that knowing where to workout is also super important. Are you a gym person? Do you like to exercise at home? Do you prefer to be outside? Does the weather or time of year make a difference to you? I’d be willing to bet that all these things make a difference. But the answers are different for everybody. And, here’s the strangest part: the answer for you may change over time.

Maybe you have a busy work schedule and feel like it’s too much of a pain to get out to the gym. Putting some exercise equipment in your basement might be the right answer. But, if you need to have a social aspect to your workout, maybe taking classes at the gym is the right answer. If you love the outdoors, it’s likely that you won’t want to be shut up in the basement or the gym in nice weather. Then you’ll need to find options that get you outside.

And sometimes the same situation may lead to different conclusions over time. That has certainly been my experience. I work from home and am pretty self motivated. So, I build a gym in my house. I’ve got a bench, weights, bands, a balance ball and a few other misc. pieces. For several years I worked out at home because it was convenient and time efficient. But I came to a point where my business was thriving to the extent that it became healthy for me to get out of the house for an hour or an hour and a half every day to get my workout in at the gym. I’m lucky that I have a great, reasonably priced gym that is a 6 minute drive from my house. Maybe someday I’ll move back to working out at home? Who knows? But I can say that being flexible has allowed me to continue my workout routine through many changes in my life, work, and schedule.

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