Non-ADHD life hack… or is it?

This has no bearing on ADHD but… I finally figured out a solution to a problem that has annoyed me for years and I feel the need to share. Whenever I take my propane tank to exchange at Curry Hardware it becomes a unpleasantly rolly-polly missile in my my car. I’ve tried packing stuff around it, putting it on the floor in the front seat, floor in the back seat, sitting it up, putting it on it’s side and wedging stuff under it. It always got loose. But I finally figured it out. See the picture.

The ADHD life hack part is that I own two tanks. So I never run out in the middle of a BBQ. When on tank runs dry, I switch it out and IMMEDIATELY put refilling the first tank on my list of things to do. Then I don’t forget and have at least a few weeks to get it exchanged. 

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