Scheduling 101

I am going away this weekend. My wife’s friend is getting married in Chicago and we have found fabulous souls to take our children for 4 days, I got a sweet boutique hotel 100% with credit card points, and my wife got the airfare 100% with her credit card points. That’s all good news. 

The other (though I won’t call it “bad”) news is how much planing this it taking. Next week I’ll post a redacted copy of the schedule and meds schedule that I wrote for both my kids to confirm all of their movements this weekend. Today I’m going to start really simple. We fly out on Friday at 11:29. I want to get my workout in before that, because sitting still in and Uber, at the airport, on a plane, in an Uber goes much better for me when the exercise happens first. We also need to drop off the kids bags at the houses of the families they are going home with on Friday. Oh… and we need to get the kids to school! 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t possibly know if I have time to do all that unless I write it down. So, I did:

@5:40: Alarm for pills
@6:00: Wife gets up to work out
@6:30: I get up and do my morning stuff
@7:00: I get kids up and get them showered
-> 8:30: the rest of our normal morning routine
@8:40: Drop kids off at school
-> 9:45: I work out. My wife closes up the house, drops off the kids bags and does any final packing
@9:45: She calls the Uber & checks in online
@9:55: We depart the homestead
10:20 – 10:30 we arrive at the airport with an hour to get through security for our flight.

It’s tight but it works. If I hadn’t done this, there is no way that I would have had enough time to get it all done. By planning ahead and by being intentional that morning, I will make it all happen.

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