ADHD life hack: Flossers

I’ve always been underwhelmed by “sliced bread.” I have a knife. I can slice bread. But you want to talk about inventions that blow my ADHD mind. Let’s talk about individual flossers. These things are the best invention ever. I never flossed before these Bad Larry’s. Now I’ve flossed mostly every night for year. I don’t even keep them in the bathroom. I have them in my bedside table so I can floss while hanging out and watching TV with my wife. Tedious task made easy. Boring task made quick and able to be done while doing something else. Win. Win. 

I suggest the store brand of the Plaquers brand. I suggest the actual floss, not the “slides.” Great for kids too. Wish I had these in my teens and twenties. I’d have less dental work.

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