Podcasts so much better than webcasts

I’ve always listened to the ADDitude webinars as webinars. I never listen live. They are a great resource. About one in ten is worth it for me. Which is saying something, with how much I already know about ADHD. I particularly get a lot out of those that feature co-occuring conditions. But, it has always been a hassle to sign in to listen to the webinar after the fact and have my phone open on the browser, etc. And, they mention at the beginning that there is an option to listen in podcast form.

I DO NOT KNOW WHY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO ACTUALLY HEAR THAT AND REALIZE I COULD LISTEN TO THESE WEBINARS AS PODCAST. But I can. And, they have a mainstream chanel. I get it on spotify in my regular feed. I’ll probably still sign up for the webinar, just to remember to listen to that specific one when it comes out, since I don’t listen to all of them. But this is a fabulous option.

Get them here or wherever you get your podcasts.