The Depression Entry I Meant to Write Last Time

So… It has been a while since I posted. My bad. But in my defense, my last post was epic. I hope nobody was thrown for a loop. It ended up getting kind of personal. This is the quick post I intended to write that day. (And I’m going to back date it and hopefully post again tomorrow!)

For those of you who know me, you know know that I live by my To Do List. So much so that I’m writing a book about my To Do List strategy and I teach it to all my clients. Generally I don’t include the normal day to day stuff that I do every morning like showering, cooking everyone’s breakfast, doing the dishes, icing after my workout, etc. But I was finding that since just doing those things were my victories for the day, I “wanted credit” for them. So putting them on the list and crossing them off was important, even if that meant just uncrossing them at the end of the day so I could cross them off tomorrow. It gave me a real sense of progress and success, something I very much needed.

Now, as my depression seems to be abating and my productivity is returning, those things just clutter up my To Do List and I’m starting to take them off. But they really helped get me through.