Natural Healthy Concepts

It’s been a busy week and I’ve written some epic posts lately. So just a quick tip for this week. I’m not a big supplement guy. The vast majority of supplements just haven’t been proven to be effective. I would strongly encourage you to only take supplements that are doctor recommended and have a robust evidence base behind their use, particularly when it comes to your kids.

But, when it comes to younger kids, supplements that are proven to work can be a great way to treat certain issues for a period of time, until the kids get a little older and will tolerate medication a little better. For example, studies done at MGH show that a combination of high EPA fish oil and inositol, which is a B vitamin are an effective non-pharmacological treatment for mania and also offer some relief for depression and anxiety. My oldest used this combo for a year or two until his symptoms progressed to the point where we had to move on to something stronger.

But that’s not what I want to share. What I want to share is the company Natural Healthy Concepts. They have a fabulous selection of supplements. There prices are reasonable, considering the very high prices of supplements to begin with. Their customer service is great. And, THE BEST PART FOR ADHDers is that they can set you up with a super-reliable auto refill. I never had to worry about my son’s supplements. The came right on time. Each was set at a different interval. They shipped promptly. The interval was really easy to edit in my account if his dosing changed. Strongly recommended