Back in survive mode?

It looks like I haven’t posted since December 22nd. And, I will admit that that seems like a lifetime ago. This third wave, third variant, third winter, third strike, whatever you want to call it, has been hard on many of us. I’m not doing great. My clients aren’t doing great. My kids aren’t doing great. My friends aren’t doing great. I really hope you are. But if you are, know that you are the outlyer.

I’ve stopped playing the drums and stopped posting blog entries. That’s one important thing from each half of my life that I just haven’t had time for. They are similar in that they feel cumulative. What’s the point of practice the drums once a week? And, what’s the point of posting once a month? The drums… that’s supposed to be fun. It’s not feeling that way right now. So, I’m on hiatus. That’s okay. I’m surviving. I’m putting most of my personal care time into an increased effort to work out and get back in shape now that my foot is healed.

As for posting, that’s not fun. It’s work and it’s important. And it’s important to do it as often as I can and in whatever format I can. So, as I remind myself, I will remind you as well: now is a great time to reevaluate how much we have on our plate. What can we get rid of? What can we modify to make more manageable. How can we focus on what’s really important.

For me, in the context of my blogging, I think you can look forward to more regular, but briefer posts on topical stuff that I can bang out in fifteen minutes like this one. And, hopefully, that means you can read them in only a few minutes too. EVERYBODY WINS! It has been a long haul and it’s not over. Stay strong. Get boosted. And balance your psychological well being with an acceptable amount of risk. Take care of yourselves.