Life balance & playing poker

Lest you all think I don’t go through the same stuff you do, I have to work pretty hard to maintain the balance in my life that I need. It is not easy as a parent who works full time to find the time to have the social life that I need to maintain the balance I need in my life. I, like most ADHDers need a level of social stimulation that doesn’t magically appear in adult life.

One of the other things that I need as an semi-ex athlete is competition. And, playing risk on the computer by myself and angry birds doesn’t count. (Even though I dominate at Star Wars Angry Birds!)

But, I get it. It is not easy to fight our own inertia and get out there socially. And, it hasn’t been easy for me to find competition in the times of year that I’m not able or healthy to play ultimate. (That’s ultimate Frisbee, for the uninitiated.)

So, I’ve gone out on a limb to start a Dad’s Poker Night with some neighbors, Dad’s from E’s school, and other friends and family. Tonight was month two. (Out of three, because we missed last month…) It was so much fun. I can honestly tell you that it was worth the effort to organize. It was worth the first semi-awkward poker night in Sept. It was worth the month that didn’t actually happen in October. I had so much fun tonight with a bunch of guys that I know in a couples context, but not in a guys hanging out context. I also got my competition on… and happened to win. ($100)

But here’s the important thing. I know from personal experience that this fun-ness will sustain me for days, maybe even a week. It will bring balance and help me avoid being in a place where I am drawn to unproductive simulation-seeking behavior. I also know that next month, being able to look forward to poker night will help me sustain energy and productivity for the week leading up to it.

I think the take away is, figure out what really gets you going and make it happen. The positive energy you will create from doing that will permeate your life life ripple going out through a pond.

I’m afraid to reread this post at 11pm. But, if you are a regular reader, you know my mantra: done is better than done perfectly. Flaws and all, I banged out another blog post tonight, and I feel good about it.

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