The Hard Sell

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post. These are actual emails that I received from the guy at the first Company. I’m posting them because… well the last one is so funny/scary it is worth reading.


Matt, I will be ok for the time you need to decide which plan you want as long as it is done before the end of the day and corporate does my audit I will be fine.

The prices 3 months $2500.00 your price $1500.00 3 months6 months $4500.00 your price is $2000.00 6 months

Today 4 months $1500.00

Today 6 months $2000.00

Today 12 months $2200.00

All inclusive

We will talk just before 5pm your time unless you call me sooner


High pressure voice mail was left offering me some vague additional deal that I had to call him for.



Hi. I got your message. I’ve done some thinking and talked to a few people. I’ve decided that, even with your discounted pricing, it seems pretty expensive, based on other information that I have. I’m sure you are very good and I very much appreciate your time and energy. I’m just not prepared to move forward with such an investment in such a short time frame. I plan to explore other options and will be back in touch if I decide to go with your company. Thanks again for your time and for educating me on how much I do not know.


Matt, you are THE FIRST person in 15 YEARS to say we are expensive as my closest competitor is over $13.000.00 per year and that is firm. I believe that we all get what we pay for and this business is no different I can’t imagine who you could have talked to that told you any different I would bet that any of my competitors who CAN’T RANK on GOOGLE might be lower cost but would never get you the results.

I had called you with a better price it is a shame you didn’t answer the phone.


Doug left a voicemail with no words… only background noise and office sounds. I stopped listening after a minute. It was creepy.


Matt, I hate working through emails it is not professional I just talked to my General Manager and I am will to put my money where my mouth is. This will be a onetime offer then we would have to call the list we got you off of and sign a different company to market

I will call you with the offer it will be simple yes or no


Matt, ok I don’t want to play phone tag this offer is a onetime deal good until 4:30 your time ONE YEAR $1700.00……………… I can’t and won’t go lower as I can call another business like yours and get $2400.00. I just wanted to help you grow. I have to get an coach like yourself signed on to fill the spot in my company.



I’m disappointed. I didn’t say no. I simply said that I wasn’t prepared to make a financial commitment of that high a % of my marketing dollars without taking a night to think about it. I am quite put off by your hard sell. If you had left it alone there is a chance you would still have gotten my business. However, I can now give you that simple yes or no that you were looking for. It will be a no. Again, I appreciate your time. (By the way, we had agreed to talk at 5pm my time. No need to accuse me of not picking up the phone or being unprofessional because I was unavailable sooner.)


Matt. I didn’t accuse you of picking up the phone and hanging up I have been doing this for 15 years and virtually out of every 100 people the ones that have to think about it 1 will sign this is not a hard sell just reality not every business can afford to do SEO we pride ourselves on being a lower cost top company. The fact that we are a multi-million dollar company I have no say in the price or when I can offer a lower cost. the bottom line was not you saying yes or no before 5:00 was just the price difference if I would have never offered you a lower price your choice could have been made next year. I don’t work on commission I get straight salary so if you pay $2200.00 or $2.00 my check is the same but to run and pay over 350 employees is not cheap. I only tried to help you and save you money I even broke my own rule I NEVER call for a lower price unless you give me the ok you would go. I thought you would sign and get your site done properly so I went on the limb and called to get a lower price. Sorry.

If the money was the big hold back you should have gone for 3 or 4 months not a big commitment

Now just person to person between me and you I wanted to help you because corporate doesn’t care who pays us someone will I just wanted to help YOU.

If you want to reconsider let me know tomorrow and I will hold off us signing one of your competitors.

We both know one thing at the end of the day we are both going to be in business we increased by almost 400% in the last 11 months I want you to get the same satisfaction


Matt, I just want you to understand maybe I get a little over bearing but with me patience is not one of my strong points I really go over a lot in the phone consultation to really have the person on the other line IE yourself have a good feel and can earn your trust right away that is why I take my time. I could cut my presentation down but then I would have a lot more questions and a longer decide time.

To just give you an idea I was bored Saturday so I got off my couch took my 2002 Corvette with only 18.000 miles on it and went and bought a new $2014 Corvette for $87.000.00 and did it on the spur I don’t regret it that’s just how I am.

Sorry to have insulted you

I really feel like that speaks for itself, so I’ll leave it there.

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