Great article about reframing the ADHD “debate”

One of my biggest pet peeves about anything in life is the ADHD “debate.” The whole idea that there is a debate infuriates me to the core of my being. I’ve never written a post on this because I get so riled up that I often can’t put my feeling in to words. The “debate” really boils down to science vs. not-science. And, on a larger level, I find the portion of our society that is turning its back on science disturbing. Whether it is ADHD, global warming, evolution I struggle to understand why so many people refuse to believe what can be proven by science.

Well, there I go getting fired up. Here is a link to a great article that clearly, rationally, and very intelligently says what I would like to have the patience to say myself.

(Sorry that’s not a link and you’ll have to cut and paste… tech issues.)

Also, take a look at the comments. Some of our leading ADHD minds have very intelligent things to say. But of course there is the predictable ignorance sprinkled in. I have to ask myself what is in it for these people to so staunchly be against helping people who are in pain and can clearly be helped.

Maybe more on this later… if I can calm down…

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