Rock the radio

Many of the mundane tasks of life bore us ADHDers to the point that we avoid them, rush through them, or hate them in a way that is totally out of proportion to how much of a bummer they should actually be.  

Listening to the radio is one thing that I have found really helps me get though those daily and weekly tasks. I guess it began in high school. I got one of those shower radios and listened to music mostly while I was getting ready in the morning. I found it easier to get out of bed and get in to the bathroom and get on with my day. I started doing it again at some point in my adult life. I listen to the radio, mostly sports now or NPR when I’m in the bathroom in the morning, or when I’m in the kitchen. 
Podcasts are also a great thing to take advantage of. I might not survive my hour or two in the kitchen every weekend without NPR podcasts, the Moth, and Risk. They are entertaining enough that I can get anything done without it seeming like a total chore.

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