Know yourself

So… every two years I go to an ADHD conference through MGH. I’m currently waiting for the evening session to begin. “Assessment and Management of ADHD in College Students.” I can’t wait to share everything I’m learning. I’m sure there will be a series of entries on a variety of topics.

Since I only have 5 minutes right now, I will share my strategies for surviving the conference itself as an ADHD adult. 
  • If I’m not interested in a particular presentation, I don’t guilt myself into staying for it. 
  • I spend all day sitting against the back wall, pacing, moving around, leaning against the wall etc. Today I was actually in the back with two moms, one of a 3 month old and one 10 month old. I guess it’s me and the infants who can’t be contained by a chair. But I’m okay with that.
  • I always find a gym near by and scam a trial membership. I got an amazing shoulder/core workout in before dinner tonight.
Bottom line: these are the things I need to do to survive 12 hours of sitting still… even for a subject that interests me.

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