The power of exercise & maybe a little mindfulness

I can’t remember if I posted on this already, but it is still on my list of things I want to blog about, so I guess not…

I usually take the kids in the morning on Saturday and let my wife sleep. I take the kids food shopping to two or three different stores. It takes up to three hours, depending on everyone’s behavior and number of emergency trips to the bathroom. It is boring and tedious for all of us. The funny thing is that it goes better when I work out first.

When I get up early enough to get 30 minutes on the spin bike before we go shopping, everything goes better. The kids have better behavior, it usually goes quicker, and I’m not as drained afterwards. This is not a small sample size either. My oldest is 6. This phenomenon has been shown to be true for years. When I’m centered and producing all the neurochemicals I need, when I’ve gotten exercise, and am able to “reset” by going to my meditative exercise place, my mood and attention are so demonstrably better that it effects those around me. Pretty powerful to know about one’s self. I bet I’m not alone.

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