A pile is not a system!

I was Skyping with a client today and something came out of my mouth that I’ve never said before that stopped us both mid conversation. “A pile is not a system.” I think I’m going to trade mark that. It seems to be a concise distillation of something I’ve teaching for years. At least in terms of paperwork, a system has to involve sorting, categorizing, labeling, an aspect of space efficiency, and a common sense (for the ADHD brain) approach for access the information contained therein. The additional step we need as ADHDers is that they system needs to be super easy, have very few steps, be convenient… or we won’t use it. In that sense. I file cabinet can be even more of a disaster than the piles on your desk. More on this in the future posts.

Standard disclaimer: I don’t edit much if at all. This is a deal I have made with myself. It keeps me from being frozen in the metaphorical carbonite of perfectionism or falling into the “Sarlacc” of avoidance behavior. A new post done is always better than a perfect post undone.

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