TryPod month… a little bit late….

So, it’s clearly been a while
since I posted, though I honestly hadn’t realized how long it had been.
Thus is the life of a business owner and a parent of an 8 year old and a
3 year old. So let’s consider this my post for April.

April is… was… TriPod month

Scratch that. It was actually March that was TryPod month. Where have I been?

point is that most people still haven’t tried listening to a podcast
and many don’t even know what they are and how to get them. I am a huge
fan of podcasts. But, you may be asking yourself at this point, why is
this relevant to ADHD? An understandable question, which I will not
answer by asking you a question.

Do you ever have a hard time
doing those boring, repetitive, tedious, day to day tasks like laundry,
driving the kids around, cooking dinner, doing the dishes, etc.? Well,
there are many ways to make those tasks more enjoyable. Music is one.
That’s been around a while, if you haven’t noticed. The radio works too.
But there is often only so much NPR or sports talk one can take. Audio
books can be good too, but sometimes they take too much attention and
it’s hard to get other stuff done. So, try a podcast, silly! I can
almost guarantee that you can find a handful of podcasts to subscribe to
that will fit the bill. Here are some that I love:

1. RISK (It’s
racy and edgy. Not for everyone. But very funny and often super
poignant.) A storytelling podcast that usually features about 3 stories
per episode.

2. The Moth. The standard
bearer for story-telling podcasts. Consistently excellent and more “main
stream” than RISK.

3. Stuff You Should
Know. If you nerd out on learning new things like I do, this might be
for you. It can be a bit uneven, but I almost always learn something
from Josh and Chuck.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Wacky weekly news game show from NPR. Great
fun and okay to listen to with the kids.

post some episodic suggestions worthy of binge listening in my next
post. By the way you can get all of the at the itunes store as well.
Listen on your ipod, phone, or computer… JUST LISTEN!

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