Quick Calendar Keeping Trick

Just a quick note this week. 

I’ve had many clients recently have scheduling SNAFU’s because they put an event on their digital calendar (on their phone) but accidentally put it on the wrong week. The advantages to keeping your calendar digitally are numerous and worthwhile. However, there is a very real hurdle that everything looks exactly the same. Next week looks like next month, which looks like next year. Most apps will reopen the calendar exactly where it was when you closed it. But wherever you are looks just like this week.

For example, I have one doctor who I see for a follow up once a year. So, when I saw her a few weeks ago, I put next year’s appointment into my phone calendar. Then I switched out of my calendar app. So next time I opened the app, I was in August of 2018… I have screwed up my calendar because of this in the past. I accidentally kept adding events to the next year. 

My tip is to get in the habit of always hitting the “Today” button on your calendar app to bring you back to this week before flipping to whenever you want to make a new appointment.

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