Loneliness strikes suburban dads!

My Dad sent me this article from the Globe a week or two ago. (Yes, he’s old school and actually rips out the article, puts in in an envelope, licks it, uses a stamp, and mails it to me.) I’m going to post the link for your digital consumption:

This article stood out in several ways to me. One, I read the whole thing. Two, I really identified with it so much so that I kept thinking about it for days, like when you see a good movie and it sticks with you. And, when talking to friends and clients over the subsequent days, it became even more clear how dead on it was. 

I already make an effort. But much of that effort involves having whole families over for dinner. My effort to carve out time for my own social life is there, but not nearly as robust. So, I’m going to redouble my efforts to get my buddy Russell out of the house. I’m going to make it a point to go to Mike’s horseshoe Thursdays this fall. I’m going to try to revive my monthly poker night. And, yes, ask new guys on platonic “man dates.” (Gulp!) Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Get out there and get social guys! 

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