Fighting ADHD ignorance

Got an awesome (sarcasm) email last week. Decided to send a response. For your edification and amusement, check out a copy of my response below.

Hey William. Sorry it has taken a few days to get back to you. But, I feel that it’s really important to do so. I invite you to thoroughly digest my (inline) response to your initial email below.

I was browsing Google for content related to ADHD and came across your page here:
Let’s be honest. You weren’t browsing. This is an email generated by a marketing firm or an algorithm. God bless anyone who falls for your personal touch.

Looks great! 
Thanks for the smoke blowing. But, if you’d actually read my site, you’d know that you wouldn’t like it so much.

Adderall and prescription ADHD medications can be highly dangerous if abused. These stimulants have many adverse side effects and are known to be quite harmful to children despite being FDA approved. 
Your ignorance on this topic is mind-blowing in 2017. As a matter of fact I would go so far as to call these two sentences patently false, dangerous, fear mongering. There have been literally hundreds of studies showing the safety an efficacy of stimulant therapy. The vast, vast majority of those studies have been conducted on children. As a matter of fact, I have participated in more than one of those longitudinal studies at MGH I was diagnosed at age ten and have been medicated for 29 years. So, in addition to finding your assertion professionally unconscionable, I find it personally offensive. 

Since Adderall abuse has grown to epidemic levels, our research team has compiled an article about the best all-natural alternatives to Adderall.
Actually, that’s not true at all. Opioid abuse it at an epidemic level. Not so much for Adderall. You want to actually read some medical research on the topic which you seem to be implying that you are an expert on.

Simply put, we’re trying to draw much-needed awareness to safer and healthier remedies for ADHD. 
New and innovative treatments for ADHD are always needed, but not from a safety standpoint, from an efficacy one. About 85% of ADHD patients respond to stimulants. That is an amazing figure. But when you consider that ADHD affects about 8 – 10% of the population, there are still many people who don’t have an effective treatment. So, if whatever you are trying to sell me works, I strongly encourage you to be spending your time proving that in a clinical setting. 

I hope you’ll find our post useful. If you do, please feel free to link to it as a resource within your article. We firmly believe this is a post that all parents and those with ADHD should read. 
Honestly, I’m not even sure what you are trying to sell me here. But you should probably fire the guy who wrote this because it is totally unclear.

In exchange for the reference, we’ll share your page across all of our social networks to help drive traffic to your website and increase exposure. Our Twitter page alone receives over 250,000 Tweet Impressions per month. =) If you’re interested, please let me know. 
I’m doing fine on my own, thank you. I have a full practice and a waitlist. I help real people every day.

Either way, keep up the great work! We appreciate your time. Enjoy the rest of your week. 
I will, in fact, keep up the great work by combatting the ignorance you so freely spouting in your email. 

In short, Fuck Off!


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