Good Friday? Mine was great! Or at least efficient.

If you can look past the silliness of the title, you’ll see this post is about daily schedules. I know that I have posted daily schedules before. But, sometimes it can be a pain in the neck to find older posts. So, I try to post these once in a while for people to be able to use as a current resource. 

I made this schedule the afternoon/evening of 3/29/18. It was a client-free friday, but it was my wife’s day off and I wanted to let her sleep. It was shower morning for the kids, which always adds a degree of difficulty. I had to get Delia to school in Quincy/Braintree. Then I had to get Elliot to my parent’s house in Newton with him being prepared to spend the day with my Dad. Then I had to drive back to Mattapan to drop of our car for exhaust work. I had to work in a workout. And, it would be nice to actually see my wife on her day off for a least a bit. So, my “day off” wasn’t so much a day off. There was much to accomplish. 

I will admit that it didn’t go exactly to plan, but basically everything got done in a non-stressful way. There is no way I would have been that efficient without the schedule… and I probably wouldn’t have slept well the night before being anxious about how to fit it all in to that one day.

Key: On the left side where the times are, if there is just a time, that is a time that something happens that doesn’t really have a duration. Most of the times are preceded by an arrow. In my scheduling shorthand that means that the item to the right of that arrow then time will begin at the time the previous event on the above line ended and go until the time written after the arrow. (Explaining this always makes this sound so much more complicated than it is.) For example: Walking home from dropping off the Subaru begins at 8:15 when dropping off the car ends and continues until 8:40. I only bring this up so that you can read the schedule, as there has been confusion in the past. You certainly don’t have to do it this way… though it works really well for estimating times…

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