More ADHD ‘Kung Fu’

Hey. I’m doubling up on my ADHD wisdom today. (I’m posting them for different dates so it looks like I faithfully post every Friday. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone.)

While printing my copy of the mind map in the last post, I ran out of black ink in my printer. Yet, since I’m near the ball, if not on it, there was a backup cartridge in my in my office closet. And, endeavoring to be present in the moment, I checked to see if this was my last black cartridge. It was. So, ‘buy new black ink’ went directly onto my to do list. I happened to be at my computer, so I ordered 3 new ones right away. But putting it on the list is key. That way it would have happened no matter what before I ran through this cartridge in the next few months.

This sort of ordering a backup before I’m out of something is very much a skill mastered in the restaurant industry where you just can run out of stuff… but also can’ have too much of the perishable stuff. But I promise that it is worth doing in your everyday life. 

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