My new favorite podcasts

I’ve posted before about the idea that we sometimes work better doing more than one thing than we do doing a single thing. And that we can use that as a strategy to get through boring stuff. I listen to music, podcasts, or sports radio… in the shower, doing chores, cooking dinner, getting the kids ready in the morning, doing dishes, working in the garden, driving, laundry, and pretty much whatever else you can think of.  Having something stimulating to occupy my mind while I’m doing something boring or routine help me get through it. Podcasts in particular have been a great resource for me in the last half dozen years. I’m using them more than anything else lately. So, I like to post once in a while about my current favorites. Here are some of them. I’ll try not to include ones that I’ve mentioned before.

If you like true crime/mysteries:
  1. Casefile True Crime. This is my all time favorite. Great story telling with no fluff. Isn’t too graphic about the details.
  2. Accused. Season one and two are very different but both are excellent. Done by an actual newspaper reporter. Great reporting.
  3. Hollywood & Crime. Great series about Hollywood murders.
  4. Young Charlie (by Hollywood & Crime) All about Manson. 
  5. Dirty John (by Hollywood & Crime) Story of a master manipulator. 
  6. Up and Vanished. Amazing story of woman gone missing.
  7. Shit town. Is he crazy or not?
If you are into less crime-y stuff…
  1. Business wars. Nike vs. Adidas, Netflix vs. Blockbuster, Sony vs. Nintendo. Great stuff
  2. American innovators. Really interesting and new. Currently the history of DNA.
  3. Stuff you should know. A bit rambley sometimes. Full disclosure. The rest of my family hates it and refers to it as, “the boring podcast.” But it’s safe for kids. Episodes vary. Try a few if you don’t like the first one. 

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