Snooze your pill alarm

Quick tip today:

I know that I’ve written about using alarms to remember to take pills. The follow up to that is to use the snooze button. Set up an alarm that you can set to go off every day at the same time with a custom tone that will get your attention but not annoy you. And make sure the app has a snooze button. I can tell you from personal experience, if I’m in my office and I turn off my alarm and head to the front hall where my pills are in my bag… random thought, squirrel, butterfly, what am I cooking for dinner, am I picking up my daughter today, what’s next on my To Do List?… a thousand things can distract me before those pills are in my mouth. So, I either let the alarms continue to go off or snooze it for 7 minutes until they are literally in my mouth. Try it!

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