The most dangerous word in the English language: SHOULD

It does not matter if you should do it faster.

It does not matter how fast the kid next to you does it. 

It does not matter how your grandmother did it back in the day.

All that matters is reality. It only matters what you can do.

If you live your life comparing yourself to everyone else, you will always be disappointed. There is always someone who is bigger, stronger, faster, etc. There is always a Michael Jordan or a LeBron James. (And, those best of the best people are often insufferable pricks anyway.)

The only thing that matters is what you are capable of. You have to know your strengths and weaknesses and accept them both. Yes, continue to work on your weaknesses. Always try to be the 2.0 version of yourself. But don’t budget time based on how long you SHOULD take. That will lead to failure. Figure out how long it will take you and adjust accordingly. Find the way you can deliver with whatever your limitations (real or perceived) are.

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