Why don’t we treat ADHD all the time?

I’ve probably written a similar post in the past, but I’ve recently had a thought that makes me feel it is worth revisiting. Can anyone think of a medical condition that doctors only treat sometimes? Is there anyone with diabetes who only monitors their blood sugar during the work day? Is there anyone who is epileptic who only takes their medication during the school week? Is there anyone with high blood pressure who takes a break from treatment over the summer. Is there anyone who wears glasses or contacts who doesn’t wear them on the weekends? Anyone with depression who stops dealing with that after 5pm?

I’m better the answer is NO to all of those questions. So, why is that our societal approach to ADHD? Now, I understand that ADHD meds are complicated and some people can’t take them all the time. But what I see is that many doctors don’t even consider medicating kids and adults in the evening or in the morning before work. And many doctors give up way to easily when side effects get in the way. Again, I’m not saying that there is a 16 hour solution for everyone, but don’t prescribing doctors owe it to their patients to be aggressive in at least trying to find one before giving up?

I have ADHD all the time. It has been my experience that other who have it, have it all the time too. We need to get past the notion of medicating for school or work only. I’m raising two kids and can tell you that parenting time and household time is just as demanding, if not more so than my work day. Keeping the house clean, getting dinner ready, staying on top of everyone’s schedules and activities, getting the oil changed, finding the time and energy to exercise and practice other self care… All that stuff takes attention. 

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