Drinking in my 30’s

I didn’t drink at all until I was about 20. I managed to get through 3 semesters at UMass Amherst having a total of about 4 drinks. I knew I had addiction in the family. Plus, I take an amount of stimulants every day that would kill a donkey. I spent most of my life trying to get myself under control.

Then I started cooking full time…

I will be the first to admit that I drank too much in my early/mid twenties. To be honest, I had so much going on then, I’m not totally sure how it affected me. I know my body could handle a lot then, but I never considered how it affected my brain.

Here’s what I’ve noticed in my mid-thirties. I fell like $#!* the day after I have about 3 drinks now. I don’t drink much anymore anyway. But, I will enjoy some drinks at a party or poker night or when we go out to dinner. I seem to be fine with one or two. But, if I have much more than that, I’ve noticed that the following day my attention and mood are less than stellar.

The reason I bring this up is that alcohol and weed, (though I have zero personal experience with weed,) are often false prophets. They can do one thing for us in the short term, but can wreak havoc in the long term.

Check out the next post for a bit on weed…

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