Daily Scheduling, Part !

If you are a regular reader you know that I post schedules from time to time to show how I think of time and tasks and how they interact. I don’t use the schedule that often anymore since most of my days are filled with clients. But, when I am suffering from a very, very full plate and big chunks of free time, I use my tried and true scheduling techniques to maximize my productivity. Last week was a vacation week for my kids. I had both of them home on on Monday and My oldest home for the whole week but I had a tremendous amount to do. So I made schedules every day. 

Actually, first I made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish every day which included eating well, not drinking too much, playing a game with my son for at least 45 minutes, meditating, and some other stuff. And, I narrowed down some of the work projects I’d been saving for my off week into manageable chunks and looked at where they fit on my calendar. Then I went day by day with my schedule. I Think I’m going to try to post daily this week with my daily schedules from last week so you san see in real time (a week delayed) what I did to maximize my productivity. 

As you can see from Monday’s schedule, I got up late, got into my day late, and was behind from the the get go. I also made many a daily change to my schedule based on how I was feeling, what the weather was like, how priorities changed, etc. I didn’t get everything done. But I got sooooo much more done and lowered my anxiety level so much compared to if I had rolled without a schedule. 

Hopefully, my edits, in blue, give you some insight into my thought process as I go through my day. The schedule is a framework that I am free to adjust by choice or necessity as I see fit or as needed. Empower yourself to do the same.

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