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Still learning to deal with frustration

So… I just spent 20+ minutes typing a lengthy blog entry about getting my ACC and what it taught me about perseverance and attention to detail. Then I pressed the “pop out” button on my WordPress page and the whole thing disappeared It was awesome. Now is the time for me to remind myself that “It does not serve me to be angry!” There is nothing I can do about it. So, I’m going to go work my stress out by riding the bike now. More about what I learned from getting my ACC later… I hope.

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My latest ADHD moment…

NOTE: To avoid my own perfectionist tendencies and actually write my blog I pledge to you that I will not edit this… (much.) So, please excuse me if this is not done perfectly. But, IT IS DONE! And I’m okay with that. Lest anyone think that I purport to be perfect or have everything figured out… I had a fabulous ADHD moment last week. I’ve been having a very busy few weeks, with old clients, new clients, teaching, speaking, and special events, not to mention the rest of life! Well, in the midst of this I found myself getting anxious,…

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I blog now. I’m a blogger!

Hi. I’m Matt. I’m the founder and owner of The In Place. I’m a certified ADHD coach and a professional organizer … among other things. The title is a “What About Bob” reference, in case you were wondering. I am starting this blog to keep “my people” up to date on what’s going with my business and what’s going on in that frightening space between my ears! Sometime I have a great insight about coaching or ADHD while with a client that I think is worth sharing with everyone. This is where I plan to do that. So, please keep…

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